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Swimming Pools And Spas

Is your heart set on buying a new home with a pool or spa? We understand. Most people think the idea of buying a house with a swimming pool or spa sounds amazing. It certainly can be great for entertainment and hosting pool parties. However, it can also be an extremely expensive headache for homeowners if not properly maintained. That’s why it is imperative that you have a thorough inspection first to understand the condition of the pool or spa before you buy the home. We want homeowners to feel confident their new pool or spa is safe, operational and easy to manage.

Pools are generally available as either above-ground or in-ground. They can come in a variety of materials that range in cost for maintenance and repair. We survey all pool types, from the most basic to the most elaborate. We can help you determine if your fiberglass pool needs re-coating or your vinyl liner needs replacing.

At UltraSound Home Inspections we provide a complete inspection to ensure your potential pool or spa operates properly. The last thing a new homeowner wants to deal with is a safety issue regarding their new pool or spa! We note any visible defects to the pool deck and pool area to see if any defects exist and will advise on any necessary improvements. We check for loose railings, failing steps, poorly attached ladders, and faulty wiring to alleviate safety concerns. We evaluate all electrical components to verify they have been installed correctly, are suitably grounded and up to code.

We will check the area for vegetation, grading, and surface drainage. We will also examine retaining walls for any adverse affects that would impact the swimming pool area or spa.

We also inspect all other working parts of the pool to make certain they are in working order. In addition, we check for potential concerns surrounding heaters, pumps, controls and plumbing. It’s best for homebuyers to know up front what kinds of costs they may experience in their near future with a pool. After all, it can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars to replace parts such as pumps, filters, and pool liners.

It’s important for homeowners to keep in mind the long-term maintenance involved with owning pools too. The average homeowners can take care of some upkeep themselves, but usually it’s best to hire a professional for certain services like properly closing it for the year. Pool services generally run about $75-100 per hour.

UltraSound Home Inspections can provide you with an affordable pool or spa inspection. We guarantee the knowledge of our experienced inspectors will accurately inform you of the about the condition of pool. We make sure our clients understand whether there are significant issues to consider that could impact your decision to buy a home. Our goal is to help homeowners feel confident their new home and pool will provide more relaxation than agitation!