Swimming Pools And Spas Inspection

Your pool and spa will be  an enjoyable part of your life and home in Tennessee for years to come.  It will entertain you, your children, and your friends. Let’s be honest, you may even discover friends you never even knew you had.  Having your pool and spa inspected  by middle Tennessee’s most qualified pool and spa inspectors is the first step to ensuring years of satisfaction, fun, and relaxation.   

Many home inspection companies will offer to inspect your pool. Many of those pool inspectors have received an online certification available free of charge to home inspectors.  UltraSound Home Inspections is the only home inspection company in middle Tennessee with a highly certified, expertly trained, and qualified pool inspection team, dedicated solely to pool inspections. 

 Purchasing a home with a pool and foregoing the pool inspection can result in thousands of dollars in repairs.  Without UltraSound’s highly qualified team of pool inspectors on your side, this could be money out of YOUR pocket.    

Let Us Help You Save Thousands of Dollars!!!!!

UltraSound’s Pro Pool Inspectors utilize the latest technology to ensure the condition of your pool and spa liners, mechanical components, and even the peripheral things like walkways, decking, fencing, and retaining walls.  

Know The Cost Before You Buy!!!!!

 UltraSound Home Inspections can provide you with an affordable pool or spa inspection. We guarantee the knowledge of our experienced inspectors will accurately inform you of the condition of the pool. We make sure our clients understand whether there are significant issues to consider that could impact your decision to buy a home. Our goal is to help Tennessee homeowners feel confident their new home and pool will provide more relaxation than agitation!