Termite Letter And Inspection

Middle Tennessee is known and loved for its lush green landscapes thanks to a lot of moisture and moderate springtime temperatures. Unfortunately, those same circumstances are also ideal conditions for termites. Homeowners may not even realize they have a problem until damage is already done.

That’s why having a termite letter in place is part of the home buying process in Tennessee. It’s a lender requirement that the home is inspected to verify no evidence of wood destroying insects such as termites and beetles.

The termite letter not only confirms that no evidence of termite or wood-destroying insects is present, but will also document any previous termite treatments that may have been performed. Termites are merely one possibility; our inspectors look closely for visible signs of other wood decaying organisms like beetles and wood decaying fungus.

Our qualified home inspectors will also identify any possible areas or conditions that could lead to future activity. Termites are attracted to rotting wood. Standing water that sits for too long on a deck or porch will often soften and rot the wood, making it highly attractive for termites. Dry wood lying near the home can also be an issue. Our inspectors will make notes of any of these potential areas that could become problems later.

If a problem is found, the homebuyer can be sure to negotiate with the seller on how to proceed. The seller may handle and pay for it directly. The seller may want to deduct the cost of treatment from the price of the home, leaving the selection of the pest control company and treatment up to the buyer. The buyer would then need to get an estimate of the cost for treatment services to negotiate properly. It’s important to choose a pest control company that is reputable and provides advice and service suited to your situation.

Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments a person can make. Providing the termite letter is a service we offer to our agents and clients and it can be ordered during a home inspection. By bundling this with your home inspection, homebuyers can save money and peace of mind.   If you are buying a home in Middle Tennessee, you need to know the property is infestation free. If you are selling a home, you want affirmation that the sale can move forward quickly without problems. Basically, both buyers and sellers want termite letters in place to keep things moving during the sale of a home! Our reports are delivered within 24 hours of the home inspection.