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Description of TN Home Inspection Services

Comprehensive Home Inspection Report (including color photographs)

Each home inspection we complete in the Nashville, Franklin and surrounding TN area gives our clients a clear and accurate assessment of the property about to be purchased. We provide comprehensive reports that include easy-to-read narrative comments on our findings, including color photographs of the property or building.

We will report on all accessible areas and advise you on any defects or safety issues that are found. This report describes the current condition of the structure that is inspected according to the Tennessee Standard of Practice. We provide the details and information you need and can answer any questions you may have about our findings.

Our professional, licensed UltraSound inspectors will educate you about the property so you can make decisions that are best for you, your family, your budget, and your home. View an UltraSound Inspection sample report.

Infrared Survey

Infrared cameras are the most significant advancement in home inspections since the invention of the flashlight, a bit like an MRI for your home!

These state-of the-art cameras are very expensive, and few home inspections offer them. However, an infrared survey can be important for identifying areas of moisture intrusion, thermal loss, fire hazards, and more.

A proper infrared survey locates areas of energy inefficiency, “hot spots” within electrical wiring, and other places where preventative maintenance can save homeowners time and money. Including an infrared survey with your home inspection is an invaluable opportunity to avoid costly future problems.

Radon Gas Test

Radon exists in every home in Middle Tennessee and unfortunately, any home can have a radon problem. Radon testing is the only way to determine a home’s radon levels, which is why it is a recommended part of our home inspection process.

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water. Through a natural process, the radon gas moves to the air above and often becomes trapped in homes.

Our radon gas test is conducted with a continuous monitor that takes a sample every hour for a minimum of 48 hours. The report you will receive shows all of the samples taken, as well as an overall average of the results. This allows clients to review the findings to determine if any additional action is necessary.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is high on the list of environmental risks and increasingly leading to health problems for homeowners. Poor indoor air can come from many different sources such as moisture, dust, and building materials. Though each household is different, it’s important to establish any potential contaminates.

For example, to see if elevated mold spores are present our home inspectors take Air Samples in at least 2 locations inside the building. It will identify if elevated spores are present as well as their type and symptoms. Our home inspection reports will help ensure you feel satisfied with the air quality of the home you are buying.

Moisture Analysis

Moisture issues can create enormous issues for homeowners, largely because so many of them are unseen for long periods of time. The most common areas affected are toilets, tub/showers, under windows, in the floor inside of exterior doors, etc. Left undetected, these problem areas can build up and become serious future health and/or structural issues.

Our moisture analysis service blends visual observations of the interior with moisture equipment to determine if elevated moisture is present. We believe it’s crucial to provide reliable information for our clients in this area before a final decision is made to purchase the property.

Mold Screening

No homeowner wants the unwelcome discovery of mold hiding within his or her home! Aside from being ugly and smelly, mold can cause serious health problems, though most often it is of the non-toxic variety.

Mold can also be tricky to detect as it can grow in sneaky places like between walls and under floors. We offer a visual evaluation of the interior of the home, identifying evidence of mold-like substances and the conditions that can cause mold. If mold-like substances are found, we can perform A SEPARATE OPTIONAL service called “mold sampling” where the inspector takes a sample of suspected mold debris and has it analyzed by a professional laboratory. See additional services on this site.

Video Summary

This is a video of the photos taken during the inspection with the voice of the inspector explaining each issue as though you were actually there during the inspection.

Termite Letter

Your home is a huge investment and a termite letter is one way to keep it protected. These and other wood destroying insects can cause decay and damage to a property if untreated.

A termite inspection will reveal any signs of termite activity in or around the home and ensure the home is structurally sound. If no activity is found, a termite letter is provided. We offer this service to our agents and clients as a convenience that can be ordered through our office when scheduling the home inspection. The termite inspection is usually performed during the home inspection and the report will be delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.


During a home inspection, problems or issues may be revealed and need to be addressed. A re-inspection is a follow-up to the original inspection of completed repairs that have been made within 45 days of the original inspection.

A repair list is to be provided prior to the re-inspection date by the buyer or their agent. At this time, our qualified home inspector will verify the items were repaired by today’s minimum building standards and by a qualified professional. It is our company policy that licensed contractors perform all repairs to protect against additional issues in the future.


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