The homebuying process is full of excitement, and sometimes a little overwhelming. It can be fraught with emotion as well, and few things bring out more emotion than the home inspection.

For both buyers and sellers, the home inspection is a crucial part of the process and comes with some anxiety. Home sellers dread the discovery of issues that they have been unaware of or perhaps avoiding. For home buyers, the wrong results on a home inspection mean heartbreak as discovering deal breakers may mean walking away from the home altogether.

For both buyers and seller, here are few things your home inspector wants you to know.

There will be problems

A home inspection will include a list of things that need attention. Relax – it’s okay and it’s part of the process. All homes have issues, but the job of the home inspector is to be sure you see a full picture.


For sellers, this isn’t a personal attack on your property and for buyers this isn’t a list of reasons to be scared of buying it. Rather, it’s a comprehensive look at things that can be addressed.

Most things are fixable

We understand that both buyers and sellers are looking for a home inspection with no woes. However, keep in mind that most discoveries are fixable. It is a matter of how large the issues are and if there is room for negotiation on who will take care of them. Even wiring, roofs, and foundations can be repaired.

Water issues should make you pause

Water problems may not necessarily be deal breakers, but anything water related should be weighed carefully before closing. When water damage is noted, be sure to dig deeper to investigate if larger issues are present.

Home inspections aren’t predictions

In other words, the home inspection report can indicate how old a water heater is but can’t predict if it will last ten more years. The inspector can answer questions that have to do with the condition of appliances and systems day of inspection, but can’t know what will happen after that.

Take emotions out

For both buyers and sellers, the home inspection report should be read without emotions attached. The cost of repairs may temporarily dampen your outlook on a home, but may not be as big of a deal as they seem at first glance. While you may not like all the findings within a report, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad home.

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