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Home Inspection Cost In Tennessee

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There may be no more important person in your home purchase than your choice of a qualified home inspector. The impact of your Nashville professional home inspector will last long after you have closed the deal. The effect could be positive or negative, based on the quality of your home inspector.
Once you have secured an agreement on the home of your dreams, the next step is choosing a home inspector in the Nashville area. Many choose home inspectors in Middle Tennessee based on the quality reputation of the home inspection company or the cost of the home inspection.
Home inspection costs vary across the nation: inspections in Austin, Texas average $452, while inspections in New York City average $1,025.
There are several basic guidelines when determining home inspection costs in Nashville. The two primary components are the size and age of the home. Larger homes will be more expensive, and older homes will usually incur a slight increase in price. Other popular supplemental inspections such as a termite inspection, radon gas testing, and mold testing will increase the overall cost of the home inspection in the Nashville area.
When hiring a reputable home inspection company in Middle Tennessee, expect to pay at least $400 for the average 2,500 square-foot home, plus the cost of supplemental inspections. Beware of the low-cost budget home inspection. Your grandfather was right in this case: “You get what you pay for.”
Most quality home inspections in Nashville and surrounding areas are within $40 of each other. We all know the home buying process can seem like you are spending lots of money upfront. However, choosing a home inspection based on price can be a costly mistake. Don’t let saving $40 on your dream home become a $4,000 money pit.