Mold Sampling In Middle Tennessee

Mold can quickly become a very tricky, very icky unwelcome visitor in a home.  It’s true that mold is everywhere and all homes may have a small amount of it.   However, if you suspect a mold problem, you will want mold sampling done to determine the species and proper removal.

Once upon a time, homebuyers in TN rarely thought about mold. Increasing awareness about mold and its affects on health has brought new understanding about identifying and treating it correctly.  Our certified inspectors will already point out any evidence of mold-like substances and the conditions that may cause it during a regular home inspection.  Mold sampling goes another step by revealing any hidden areas that are not visible but could still cause health concerns for you or your family.

The evidence found in mold sampling is important, as the home inspection will only reveal areas with more obvious concern for moisture. Sometimes mold is not seen but can be smelled. Sometimes it can’t be smelled. Mold sampling will help determine where any mold is located and if it is elevated, such as behind walls or within the air. Upon taking a sample, we have it analyzed by an accredited lab. This will provide results on the type of mold, its level of exposure in the home, and a breakdown of the mold spores found.

Mold sampling can prevent future health concerns such as allergic reactions or mold-related symptoms. It can also save the homebuyer money in the long run. Mold related repairs could be expensive if left unchecked, leading to larger issues like drainage, leaking or foundation problems.

If mold is found in a home, it needs to be removed properly. It needs to be killed and all mold growth removed, with any additional moisture problems fixed.  Any home that has had a previous mold issue should be sampled again to be sure that mold counts have returned to normal.

Though home mold test kits are available, they are generally unreliable and incomprehensive.  A professional should complete mold sampling to accurately provide and interpret results. Homebuyers should also watch out for any companies that offer both testing and removal services as this can be a common a scam for homeowners.  At UltraSound Home Inspections we believe it’s a conflict of interest to offer both testing and removal. If we do discover an issue, we will let you know, but we don’t have any services for treatment.  While there is an additional fee for mold sampling, there is no value too great for the peace of mind it can bring.  Having the knowledge that your potential new home in Middle Tennessee is safe and mold-free is beyond price.