You all did a great job with the home inspection. The inspection was thorough and provided the level of comfort that I was seeking from a buyers perspective. The turnaround time of your report was great and the fact that the report including pictures with arrows pointing out the items identified was very nice. The fact that you took the time to adjust things that were “easy” fixes was nice too and shows that you all care about what you are doing and not just getting through the job. I would definitely recommend the Radon test as well as this relatively inexpensive test identified to my surprise that there was a problem and saved me money in the long run.

Of course, this is all contingent on the results you all provide on the house I am selling – just kidding, I know you all were thorough and fair and did a great job for the folks buying our current home. I would be happy to provide a recommendation to others that might be in need of your assistance.

Thanks again.


Randy Overton
Vice President of Internal Audit
(P) 615-507-3342